Hot Cacciatore

Traditionally cured for over 40 days, this spicy version of the sweet cacciatore is a great snack on its own, add to pizza, or to an antipasto platter to give it that extra touch. Best served at room temperature with a medium bodied wine and a hard cheese such as Parmigiano-Reggiano. 
ORDER:  135 grams per piece / $7.95

Wild Boar Cacciatore

Seasoned with Cervia Salt, an all-natural rustic flavour of fine cured meat without any additives. Over 60 days natural aging that produces a superior taste and texture. Served best with a mild cheese, bold aromatic wine and crusty panini.

ORDER:  130 grams to 140 grams per piece / $10.95

Venison Cacciatore

City man pay homage to his Italian roots… A leaner, finer texture of meat with a hint of game makes this a perfect complement to a Salumi Board or on its own. Best paired with a rustic, full bodied wine, mild soft cheese and an Italian panini.

ORDER:  130 grams per piece / $12.95

Finnocino Cacciatore

The traditional flavour of aniseed makes this cacciatore sweet and aromatic. Naturally cured for over 40 days, this is a perfect snack on its own.

ORDER:  135 grams per piece / $7.95


A spicy, spreadable pork sausage. Made with, Cervia Salt and blend of spices that leaves a lasting bite. Aged for over 45 days, this product is exceptional with Tomato Sauce, you can spread it on crustini, mix with vegetables or any other dish to give it that extra kick.

ORDER:  180 grams per piece  / $7.95

Paganelli’s Cervia Salt Blend

Imported from Italy, this sweet salt is blended with rosemary, sage and thyme. It is a wonderful finishing salt for any cut of fresh meats, fresh salads and vegetables.

$5 for an 8 oz. container