Recipient of the 2022 Platinum Award at the Ontario Finest Meat Competition. 

Expertly cured Wagyu beef tenderloin. Delicious marbling throughout, with a softer, more tender texture than our traditional Beef Bresaola. 

Our Wagyu Beef is sourced from Headwater Farms. Born out of an equal part appreciation for the equitable treatment of animals, responsible land-use practices, and a desire to produce the highest quality food! Since inception they have stayed true to their commitment to the “slow food movement”, with a primary focus on growing their Japanese Wagyu beef offerings. They take great pride in that fact that their Wagyu herd is comprised of some of the most highly sought-after genetic lines in the World.

Our salumi are dairy free and gluten free. A whole piece of Wagyu Beef Bresaola is approximately 400g-450g  .

Wagyu Beef Bresaola