This one's for you!
Our Truffle Feast features a variety of products from La Rustichella.
These versatile spreads and pates can be used for anything from pasta to charcuterie. 
Chef Paganelli's popular Porcini Pappardelle can be recreated using our mushroom
sauce so you can indulge in a Speducci experience at home. 
Buon Appetito!
  • Speducci's Mushroom Sauce 1 L
  • Black Truffle Flavoured Vinegar
  • White Truffle Pumpkin Spread
  • Salsa Tartufata
  • Black Truffle Asparagus Creamy Spread
  • Black Truffle Honey
  • Whole Black Truffles in Brine
  • Funghi Misti (dried mushrooms)
  • Truffle Wild Boar Salami
Truffle Feast