Translation: “Piacentinu” means cheese that pleases (piace)

Description: Hard sheep’s milk cheese made with saffron and black pepper. Its most obvious characteristic is the abundant addition of wild saffron to the curd, giving it a unique yellow colour and flavour. 

The sheep used for its production feed mainly on vetch, a leguminous plant, which confers its own distinctive flavour to the milk.

Aged: minimum 2 months    

Aroma: Earthy

Flavour:  Savoury, typical of sheep’s milk cheese. With a warm and earthy spice imparted by the peppercorns and saffron.   

 A real showstopper on any cheese board. This cheese can handle the sour kick from our Quince & Apple Mostarda. It will compliment the cheese without overpowering

Piacentinu Ennese DOP - 150g