Oro Poe is an intriguing golden green color promises many sensations. A slight peppery nose has a hint of artichoke.
A stimulating taste of tangy bitterness of our variety "Povese" accompanies delicately the intense fruity and floral tastes of the varieties "Maurino" and "Leccino.


This past year we were proud to launch a special new edition to our collection. Our Oro De Pòe exclusive DOP extra virgin olive oil was harvested solely from the olives of the oldest trees on our property, dating back more than 300 years. This oil finds its origin in the deep connection we have with the land on which it is made, and is dedicated to the ancient Roman legionnaire: CAIUS VETTONIUS MAXIMUS. By honouring this ancient Roman soldier, we wish to pay homage to the rich heritage that is deeply rooted in the historic territory of the Veneto region. Produced in 2016, there were only 355 of these limited-edition bottles made.

Price per 500ml.


Oro Poe Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) 500ml