Benedetto Cavalieri is one of the leading family owned companies that produce pasta by old-world artisanal methods. Founded in 1918, Benedetto Cavalieri continues the family tradition of making pasta according to the time-honored "Delicate method." Using only the highest-quality, freshly milled hard durum wheat, the process involves long kneading by experienced hands. It is then dried at low temperature for about 40 hours to preserve the nutritional value of the durum wheat. It can be found in the menus of the most careful restaurants and on the shelves of the best delicatessen and wine shops all over the world.

Calamarata is a durum wheat semolina pasta variety, shaped like small Paccheri pasta. Originally from Naples, these thick rings of pasta resemble sliced calamari. Its’ name means “baby squid”.

Excellent with seafood sauces.

Cooking time 13 min

Benedetto Cavalieri Calamarata