Our Mercatto

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Our award-winning brand of Paganelli cured meats is the result of years of dedication and experimentation by Chef Paganelli. He is renowned for his salumi – naturally cured meats like prosciutto, pancetta and salami made in the Italian tradition. It’s a true farm to table approach. Chef Paganelli owns his own wild boar farm where care for the animals is first and foremost, resulting in a genuinely flavourful product. He also sources Berkshire pork from a Mennonite farm in Ontario. The salts and spices are a recipe that he has made all his own.

Our Paganelli cured meats received high praise and industry recognition from the Ontario Independent Meat Processors. We were awarded 3 platinum and one silver award at the OIMP Awards Gala for Ontario’s Finest Meat and finished the night by winning the Diamond Award (Best of Show) for the Gentile Salumi.


Our mercatto is a carnivore’s dream. When you first enter, you’ll notice cured pork and wild boar hanging above the counter of the macelleria – a real Italian butcher experience. Behind the counter take your pick from fresh local meats such as free-range chicken, pork, lamb and rabbit and wild boar from our farm. Our butchers have years of experience: they are masters of their craft and true artisans creating signature prepared meals that are ready for you to cook at home. We specialize in dry-aged Tomahawks rib steaks and AAA bone-in or bone-out rib eye steaks.

There’s a reason we named ourselves after speducci – it’s absolutely delicious. Our speducci is made in house – mouthwatering cubes of fresh meats are skewered on thin wooden sticks and seasoned to perfection. Always one for experimentation in the kitchen, our Chef Paganelli creates speducci with a variety of different meats, each with its unique flavours for a one-of-a-kind experience.
Take them home or enjoy a few at our café.