When award winning Chef Gabriele Paganelli was asked how his restaurant in an industrial nook, away from Toronto’s hip neighbourhoods became so well known, his response was “ Where do you want me to start? When I came to Canada? My life in Italy before I came? I was the second child of nine children. We grew up on a farm, raising our own cows, pigs, etc. Every winter we were slaughtering four pigs to feed our family. Back home this is an event, so neighbours and family come to help and we return the favour by helping them. In the winter I’d assist 10-12 of these ‘graduations’.”

“When I grew up, I went to school and studied electronics to learn how to repair televisions and radios. My school was far from town, so when I got home, my brothers and sisters had eaten everything, so I had to start cooking for myself. This is where the passion started, so I began cooking for family and friends. After my mandatory army service, I decided to switch careers and cook as a profession. It was good because I can’t eat a transistor, but can now eat whatever I create! My parents bought a small store in our hometown of Ravenna (a tourist destination in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy) so I started cooking there as a summer job. Parmigiano, mortadella, a lot of the big salumi come from my area.”




The award-winning chef behind Speducci Mercatto and our exclusive range of artisanal Italian cuisine is Chef Gabriele Paganelli. His devotion to the traditional art and science of good food has won him international accolades, including the prestigious Gold and Silver Spoon for risotto, a bronze medal at the ExpoGast 2002 World Championships, and multiple awards at the Ontario Independent Meat Processors award gala.

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Impossible not to leave happy.

We actually just stopped by to pick up some meat for dinner - but soooo happy we sat down for lunch as well.
This is just amazing - perfectly prepared and delicious.

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Genuine and Naturally Delicious

If you're a meat lover, this is the place for you. Naturally raised and fed veal is one of the best I've had. The pasta almost compares to my mom's... sorry mom, it's true. The assortment of cheese was amazing and the hospitality made us feel at home.

Customer reviews


My sisters and I went to Speducci Mercatto for the first time and loved it! There is a huge selection of prosciuttos, salamis, sausages and much more! The whole concept and experience is amazing, you can pick your meat and take it home or they will cook it for you (we did both and it was all delicious), can't wait to go back there and bring my friends!
Loved it!