Dry Age:


We age are meat typically for a minimum of 40 days before we prepare for our customers.

What does it mean to DRY AGE?

Dry Aging is a process where steaks are either hung up or laid out in a small temperature controlled room.  Our aging process is from minimum of 30days to 90 days.  The moisture inside the meat is slowly drawn out making the flavor of the meat more concentrated.  The steaks natural enzymes work to break down the collagen – or decomposing it.  When this happens the meat becomes even more tender.  Dry age has a sweet corn like fragrance to it, however the longer it ages, the scent can become much more powerful.

30day:  The steak has lost about 15% of its weight and is starting to develop the characteristics of dry aging.  It is very tender.

45day: Our typical dry age steak.  A more noticeable scent and very tender.  It has lost more moisture, the fat at this stage is very tasty and we recommend keeping most of the trimming for cooking.

90 days:  We do carry 90days on request.  At 90 days the crust that develops on the outside of the meat is like a cheese rind – it serves the same purpose to protect the meat.  The meat is darker and much drier and very tender and will have a strong “blue cheese” like scent.